Catering Guidelines

Clients are required to select a licensed caterer from our preferred list. All our caterers were chosen not only for their delicious food and uncompromising service, but for their willingness to listen to your ideas and create outstanding menus. Whether you’re looking for a dinner of delicious homemade BBQ or the finest in local, sustainable cuisine, we have someone to suit your event.

What We Provide

  1. Room setup prior to event; break down, cleaning and building lock-up after event
  2. Use of our kitchen, dishwasher and coffee maker
  3. Ice machine
  4. China, flatware, glassware (equipment inventory available upon request)
  5. Coffee pots and filters
  6. Two 6-burner ovens; 4-pan capacity convection oven
  7. Plate warmer
  8. Wood and fireplace set-up, fire tending
  9. Limited dumpster space for garbage disposal
  10. Recycling containers
  11. Limited garbage cans and liners
  12. Staff member on-site for the entire event

What the Caterer Provides

  1. Linens (or provided by client through linen company)
  2. Kitchen accouterments: towels, rags, knives, spatulas, ice scoops, bar tools, lighters, serving spoons
  3. Bulk Salt & Pepper – top off our shakers either before or after event
  4. Coffee and/or Tea
  5. Sugar & sweetener packets, half & half
  6. Waitstaff
  7. Garbage cans & liners
  8. Any rental equipment required to produce the event

What We Expect from a Full-Service Caterer

  1. A Certificate of Insurance listing the Kenilworth Assembly Hall as an additional insured.
  2. Tour of our kitchen facilities prior to event.
  3. Detailed discussion of menu and agenda with client prior to event, including pacing of courses, pre-set items on tables, room and buffet set-up, bar service. You are welcome to hold this meeting at our facility.
  4. Set-up of linens & table settings, and re-arrangement of existing furniture per client needs.
  5. Adequate staff, including bar, floor, kitchen and dish washing staff. Staff should be security-aware: valuables are often left unattended during events at our location. Adequate, responsible staff must be maintained throughout the evening to properly complete the clean-up requirements before leaving the facility, even when an event runs later than the designated time agreed to by the caterer and client.
  6. Re-set room between wedding ceremony and seated meal, if needed.
  7. Female staff member to check on Ladies Room during event and report supply shortages to Kenilworth Assembly Hall staff.
  8. Check all rental equipment for date/client – only use equipment for YOUR event.
  9. All equipment dish washed or cleaned and returned to its proper place. If dishes, flatware or glasses must be washed a second time the next day, caterer will be asked to come back and wash dishes or risk being removed from the approved list.
  10. Kitchen cleaned and floor mopped. All leftover food removed.
  11. All garbage, properly bagged, tied, and removed from kitchen to the dumpsters.
  12. All recyclables in recyclable containers.
  13. Payment for any damage to kitchen equipment and/or plumbing.
  14. Payment for any breakage of glassware/china (within reason).
  15. Linens bagged and left in storage closet; rental equipment in storage closet.
  16. Any items guests have left behind turned into house staff, or left on the desk.
  17. Extra care taken not to inadvertently confiscate that which belongs to the Kenilworth Club!

If there are any glassware rentals to supplement the Kenilworth Assembly Hall inventory, please be sure to carefully separate the glassware at the end of the vent to prevent loss.